Monday, January 30, 2017

A community: graFX designs for bloggers and social media

I'm starting this blog up to create a community for those who want help with sprucing up their blog or social media presence.

Images and graphics add omph to any message and should be used at all times.  Especially for your blog.  I chose a primary image that I feel speaks to the topic and knowing that it will go along with any links to stand out.  This is an example from my optioneerJM blog, where I have done most of my experimentation and the pursuit of knowledge.

The above blogs are those that I follow faithfully on my knowledge journey on optioneerJM.  It lends an excellent example of the message here.  You should note that there are some big hitters on the list.  What stands out is the one with the image may be more attractive.

As I build this blog, I will share insights to help anyone who is trying to gain attention in a cluttered, noisy world online under social media.  Including graphics in any of your messages definitely draws the eye to bright colors.

I was goofing around, combining images with the graFX designs images ....

Pictures with words come ALIVE

"Images sell when just words can't."

I've become adept with MicroSoft's PAINT.  Fiddling and farting around until I find the write image to go with the message I want to convey.  I even added the "Zzzzzzz" because I was being whimsical .... a lot gets done while others are asleep.

One of my major issues here is that I've borrowed images from other people.  I am going to have to start saving the images on the desktop with the owner of the images so that I properly credit the creator.

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